When to water your garden plants?

Watering in the middle of the day is not a good idea since a lot of water evaporates from the soil’s surface, and the plants can use water more effectively if watered later in the day.

The best time to water your garden

If possible, water in the mornings, as the sun rises and the plants begin to use water. Slugs, snails, and mildew diseases will be discouraged because the leaves and soil surface will remain drier for longer than with evening watering. In the presence of sunlight, plants begin to transpire, drawing water from the soil through their roots, up their stems, and out through tiny pores on their leaves known as stylos.

Use less water

Watering is crucial to successful plant growth, so we’ll look at how to do it correctly. This not only entails supplying the water our gardens need, but also ensuring that it is used wisely. Water is a valuable resource, and the consequences of climate change, population growth, and the need to protect the environment, such as river levels for wildlife, are putting strain on resources in the UK.

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