Back pain, new mum

For your information, the most difficult age for lifting your children is between 2 and 3 months, depending on when they will be able to stand. Why? Because they can turn by themselves in bed, you need to go from centimetres between the top of the bed and the mattress for safety reasons, so there is more bending down, but once there is more bending down, the child cannot stand up and I cannot assist you.

So you have to do the job, and during this period, there’s a high risk of getting back pain, especially because you have a number of difficult months behind you, including short nights, and the child is no longer a baby; it starts to weigh a certain amount, and you see, during this period is really when everything comes together to hurt your back, so to speak, and so my advice will be to do as well as you can. That’s number one in terms of posture.

Back Pain Treatment for New Mothers

The relaxation components are covered in previous posts on this website.

An important factor is making sure the babies crib is not too low down, so you’re breaking your back bending down to the ground to pick them up. The baby bed can be a relevant height to reach by bending your legs a little and extending your arms. But don’t go above; every additional centimetre is an additional load on your back.

Point number one: It’s difficult for your child to come to you, and you’ll need to be able to access him or her wherever he or she is in bed, so make sure you can walk around.

Point number three is that we will have to train how to go down. Basically, going down will go through legs only and is what I call technique number two: if I bring my foot back, I can lower my body. To understand this, imagine an inflatable ball and pressing down on it. Healthcare tips for back pain in new mums

New mothers, take care of your back.

If the bed carries part of the load, it’s as much load that won’t land on my back tissues. When the child was younger. The idea is that you first try to bring it close to you and make them sit in your arms. Don’t carry yet. Yeah, for now, you can still glide on the mattress when I’m here. I’ll be taken care of. Two important areas to cover are One, I will bring my lower body inside, and two, I will bring my thighs inside.

I’m also cautious not to hurt my neck. You know, there’s a lot of neck strain. You’ll notice that, on purpose, I’ve shot this video barefoot without socks because I want to be stable when I do these kinds of techniques. I don’t want to slide, especially not with my baby in my arms. That would be dangerous for both of us.

Back exercises for new mums

  1. Be conscious of how you bend and lift…
  2. Maintain proper posture.
  3. Do gentle postpartum exercises like pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises.
  4. Use a footrest to elevate your feet when sitting and holding your baby.
  1. Try not to stand for long periods of time.
  2. Aerobic exercise strengthens your lungs, heart, and blood vessels and can help you lose weight. Walking, swimming, and biking may all help reduce back pain. Start with short sessions and build up over time. If your back is hurting, try swimming, where the water supports your body.

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