Mummy 30th birthday gifts

The Mummy is already 30 years old! He is still young at heart and does a great job of keeping us healthy and running as we should. Here are some gift ideas for Mummy’s 30th birthday celebration!

Mum has young children, usually around 5 or 6 years old, and this is a great age for dads to get the kids involved with buying presents for their mummy. 

Here are some gifting ideas for children and dads to do together and impress mom on her special day.

1. Create a birthday card for Mummy’s 30th birthday. Help her children design a card or let them go wild and create their own wonderful pictures. Mums will love anything their children create for them. Do you have art supplies? You can get paint, glitter, and felt tips to create a colourful card.

2. Dads, take the children to TK Max and let them search for the gift independently, or collect an Argos catalogue and give your young ones a price range to find a present for mum.

3. Plan a family experience day that Mum will enjoy, such as a simple restaurant meal or a spa day when Dad can take the kids swimming while Mum is pampered. For more adventurous moms, they might want to try a new activity: sailing, canoeing, zip-lining, or even skydiving! You will have to ask her about activities she would love to try.

4. Photo Album-work with children to take lots of fun photos and then prepare the album for the birthday gift. Photo albums can be purchased with a blank canvas to then write or draw pictures between the photos to make the album a truly personalised pressie.

5. Spend the day with Mum doing things she enjoys. For example, start the day with a cooked breakfast in bed and let the children help take the breakfast to mum. Take her for a walk in her favourite place, or you could go to a pub or restaurant for lunch. How about a boat ride, a museum or a historic castle?

6. Finally, why not keep things simple and cheap and go on a countryside walk and pick wildflowers for mum and then arrange the flowers in a vase. If you have more time, then you can dry the flowers and arrange a picture with them. Maybe you do not live near the countryside or are too busy to prepare the flowers, instead you can easily order online and have a professional florist send the flowers to you!

There are so many ways to celebrate Mummies’ 30th birthday and include the children in the gifting!