A Christmas hamper for Grandma

A hamper gift is a basket or box container used for gifting a selection of food, drinks, and bathroom accessories. They make a lovely present for Granny at Christmas time! a way to give her all her favourite items in one place.

How to create the Christmas hamper for grandmother?

Choose a basket from your local pound store or make your own hamper from a box. Here are a few ideas. You can use a square, rectangle, or oval (whichever shape works best) as a base inside the bag.

You may be able to fold the top over a couple of times depending on the type of bag. Then, start with the tall items, such as wine, and work your way up to the smaller items in the front.

You want it to be able to support itself, more or less. If necessary, add a bit of card around the inside edge to give it shape.

Shredded brown paper or coloured tissue paper will be used to pad it out, and a large tinsel bow will be tied on top.

Bonus points if you replace the cardboard with something from the gift (perhaps a special interest magazine?) and include a few small hidden items inside the shredded paper that aren’t immediately visible.

It will look lovely with a ribbon around the middle and perhaps a couple of baubles.

Now let’s look at the items to gift Nana inside the hamper!

Quality olive oil (the stuff you buy in an Italian deli)

  • Really good cheese, salami,
  • Loose leaf tea or coffee beans from somewhere like Betty’s
  • Medjool dates
  • Local honey
  • Homemade jam or marmalade
  • special cocoa or hot chocolate
  • A miniature of their favourite tipple.
  • Bath Oliver Biscuits
  • A small Christmas cake
  • Fancy tea and/or coffee?
  • Fruit jellies and violent creams
  • Brandy Snaps
  • Wine
  • After eight,
  • Shortbread biscuits
  • Marmalade or honey
  • Nice nuts
  • Cheese and biscuits
  • Posh chocolates
  • Bboots box (perhaps Diechman?)and wrap it with wrapping paper.
  • Marks the ham tin from Marks
  • Tin of salmon
  • Add a crossword puzzle
  • Small pot of face cream

They make a lovely present for Granny at Christmas time – a way to give her all her favourite items in one place. Here are a few ideas on how to create the perfect hamper for Grandma!