About Old Tupton Ware

Made by skilled craftsmen using designs first created in the UK in 2002 in the village of Old Tupton, Derbyshire.  Liquid clay is poured into moulds and as the clay begins to dry, the excess is taken from the middle and edges of the mould.

Once set, a turner removes any marks and seam lines to ensure the finished product will be smooth and unmarked.  A tracer then draws on the unique pattern.  This is then outlined in soft clay using a tool similar to an icing bag.  After hand painting, glazing and eight hours in the kiln, the Tuptonware pottery is ready for sale.

Tialilly is a British Outlet for Old Tupton Wares,. New products added for 2021.

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How is Old Tupton Ware made?

Old Tupton Ware is Pottery made by a lengthy process similar to Moorcroft’s renowned British pottery manufacturer in Stoke in Trent. Artist creates the designs and then a tracer draws the designs onto the pottery. Next, the tube liner slip trails the design. Then a glaze is applied to bring a shiny finish. The process takes even more time because of the kiln firing between stages!

Who is the Artist of Old Tupton designs?

Jeanne McDougall creates many of Old Tupton Ware’s designs. She is a renowned designer of ceramic and glass in England. She got a master’s degree in ceramics in the Stoke-on-Trent. Inspired by Art Nouveau.

What material is Old Tupton Ware made from?

The Pottery is made from Earthenware, Clay. Known as the first clay used to make pottery. Earthenware is fired at low temperatures and if subjected to higher temperatures, then becomes denser.

What is Oldtupton wares most popular design?

A very popular collection is the ‘Summer Bouquet’ yellow and red sunflowers art, available on Glasses Stand, Vases, Honey Pots, Teddy bear figurines and more products.

Buy Old Tupton Ware factory shop?

The Pottery brand does not have a factory shop to buy the gifts from. You can buy items from trusted online outlets such as tialilly.com