Gifts for Grandma ideas

Dedicated to grandma, one of the big people who give us time and love when we need it. While growing up she might be like a second mum to you. Teaching you how to live a happy and contented life. We know Grandma does not ask for much and is always grateful each moment they get to be with their grandchildren.

Give Grandma your time

Spending time with Grandma is the best way to say thank you for all the things she does for you. Maybe helping Nan with househeld chores – washing and cleaning or taking her to the shops will please her. There are of course times when you want to buy her presents. Especially when it’s her birthday, mothers day and Christmas.

It doesn’t have to be a birthday to buy gifts for grandma

You don’t really have to wait for a birthday to buy granny a gift especially if you live far away and only see each other a couple of times a year. Grandma might appreciate a letter or card from you to tell her about your life and what your doing. Or maybe email her recent photos and a message to keep in touch.

Buying Nan a gift can be a challenge

Choosing gifts for Grandma can be difficult because Granny seems to be so contented and have everything she wants already. Shes lived a life and may have worked a job, brought up children and travelled on holiday. Now in retirement it’s her time to relax and do the garden, grow flowers and have a vegetable patch.

Take up new interests and hobbies like art, music, knitting, volunteering and travelling to new places. Or maybe Grandma is enjoying family life and spending more time with her grandchildren.

Picking the right gift for nan can also be dependent on the celebration? Maybe Gran has reached a certain age like because most of us like to celebrate the round numbers more then other birthdays. When Grandma turns 70, 80, 90 or even 100! Then it’s time to get out the banners and cake and celebrate in style!

Grandparents will have wedding anniversaries each year and is another celebration you may want to buy a gift for them. The milestone anniversaries really start with the 25th – Silver in my opinion. Then of course theirs gold and diamond. See a list of wedding anniversaries.

Then choosing great gifts for grandma comes down too knowing her very well, her likes and dislikes and asking her what you don’t already know. Whatever you buy I hope the articles below will help and guide you to choose wonderful gifts for your Nan. Whatever you decide to buy I’m sure she will appreciate it coming from a grandchild.

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