The best thing, I think, about Mother’s Day is receiving handmade cards. This really shows your family think a lot of you.   And it can be very rewarding for the children to make them.

Mothers day saying Thankyou Mum advice image

Mind you, breakfast in bed must come a close second…. Even if it’s a burnt piece of toast offered by a young child… It’s the thought that counts.

This year, Mother’s Day will be a bit different. Unless you are lucky enough to live with the family, I guess it will be a zoom call to keep in touch with each other.  

But I guess it wasn’t always like this.

Mothering Sunday was originally a time when people returned to the church, in which they were baptized or where they attended services when they were children. This meant that families were reunited as adults returned to the towns and villages where they grew up. In time, it became customary for young people who were working as servants in large houses, to be given a holiday on Mothering Sunday. They could use this day to visit their own mother and often took a gift of food or hand-me-down clothing from their employers to her.

In China, Mother’s Day used to be a day to help poor mothers and to remind people of mothers in rural areas.

Mothering Sunday, sometimes known as Mother’s Day, is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and usually falls in the second half of March or early April. This year it is 14 March.

Nowadays it is a day to show your appreciation for mothers and other mother figures, such as grandmothers, stepmothers and mothers-in-law. Buying gifts for mum is the standard during mothers day in most countries of the world.

As we cannot travel to see each other this year, it is especially important to plan ahead and buy a special gift and card for that special person.  And remember to post it in time.   You can even buy a little gift online and have it sent direct to them

Interestingly, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in different countries. I remember when we were traveling in our motorhome one time, I persuaded my husband that I needed spoiling three times… UK, France and Spain!

Whatever you do and wherever you are, I hope you are totally spoilt all day!