8inch Red Poppy Vase


 Yellow and Red Poppy Vase

Elegant Red Poppy vase is ideal to display your favorite flowers on the dining room table or mantle piece.  The Tubelined vase is 8 inches tall and makes a nice present for Birthday and Remembrance day Vase with floral Red poppy decoration.

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Old Tupton Ware is a popular ceramic brand in the UK.

Established in 2002 in the village of Old Tupton, Derbyshire.  Each piece is unique because part of the lengthy production process requires manual input.  The tracer draws the pattern outlines in soft clay using a tool much like an icing bag.  The Old Tupton pottery is then hand painted and glazed and spends 8 hours in a kiln before being ready to sell.

  • Earthenware Pottery
  • Tubelined
  • Hand painted
  • Quality assurance


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Additional information

Weight 0.699 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 20 cm

Earthenware has Translucent qualities (allows light to shine through)

Old Tupton Ware

Is a well known UK ceramic pottery brand since 2002. Tupton Ware is independent and not owned by Tialilly.

Quality Assurance

Products are carefully checked for blemishes and operation faults before sending to you. We have a reputation to maintain and value delivering great quality products that you will be happy with.